Pesticide sprayer robot project

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Pesticide sprayer robot project is advance farming robotic machine technology; this robotic machine on easily pesticide sprayer in farm, garden, street, etc. This project is work on solar electric power so it has not required any types of petroleum oil or gas. This is fully pollution free working and long life battery and DC motor, This project on 12v battery charging from solar and electric supply charging supported, this project on use 12v 5 amp chargeable battery and 12v 15watt PV solar panel use, this project have 12v DC gear type power full motor use for all movable part and powerful spraying pump. This project is wire remote control operating system and if you need any wireless controlling technology then easily attach this project with like RF control, GSM mobile, IOT, etc. Pesticide sprayer robot project is best for BE, ME and diploma mechanical working project, more best and new mechanical working project available in our website and our new project videos also available in our YouTube channel Santosh the project maker, we made all kinds of school science fair project, physics project and all kinds of electrical-electronics, EC, CS working project. Fetchers of Pesticide sprayer robot project 1. solar electric power 2. 12v 15watt solar panel 3. 12v 10 amp chargeable battery 4. 12v 1 amp battery charger 5. Pesticide sprayer 6. wire remote control operating system

LENGTH 15 inch
WIDTH 10 inch
HEIGHT 12 inch
Main Components solar panel, DC motor, pump,wheel, battery,electric charger

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