gsm based smart agriculture system

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gsm based smart agriculture system

Abstract of gsm based smart agriculture system

in the agricultural country like India which is in still developing stage need to develop in agricultural field, so we are proposed an idea to implement current technology to agricultures and farms and make smart agricultural farms, in our project we have, we have automatic humidity and temperature sensor to measure the temperature and humidity of soil to get the health of soil, we have also used wet sensor which automatically detect weather the soil is wet or not and if the land is dry it automatically start the pump and off automatically when required amount of wetness is achieve, we have also drastic function of uv light which kills the pesticides for crops without any harmful chemicals or violent methods. Also after completing all this data we send this to farmer so that he can monitor and control, pump, and soil health from his house at any weather


  • To measure the temperature and humidity of soil, and check the health of soil
  • Using wet sensor to detect whether the soil is wet or dry, and turn on off pump automatically
  • automatic UV light to kill pests, without using aggressive pesticides and reduce chemicals and promote organic crops
  • send humidity, temperature of soil to farmers phone with gsm
  • see the state of pump with message
  • control UV light with SMS
  • show all the data on LCD

GSM Technology

Gsm technology is one of the most advanced and reliable technology in the market which can easily send and receive the messages of phone across the world, so any farmer which have small feature phone and automate and control his farm by just his finger tip and can make his life easy and more productive with this simple technology by just inserting all the sensors and pump with gsm

LENGTH 18 inch
WIDTH 18 inch
HEIGHT 3 inch
Main Components GSM module, Arduino, pump, temperature and humidity sensor, uv light, wet sensor

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