gsm wireless accident alert system project

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gsm wireless accident alert system project

Abstract of gsm wireless accident alert system project

In country like India, as the population increasing the usage of vehicles increasing and parallel the accidents are also increasing, my observing this scenario, we propose an idea of gsm based accident alert system, which detected the accident of vehicles and can send the alert to essential services like, ambulance and police station, or the owners family. This can be a best safety feature in cars if companies can implement this technology is real vehicles


  • To Send SMS to nearest police station and hospital or an essential service
  • reduce the deaths due to accidents on road
  • providing a new safety ideas to automobile companies
  • show all the data on LCD

GSM Technology

Gsm technology is one of the most advanced and reliable technology in the market which can easily send and receive the messages of phone across the world, so any farmer which have small feature phone and automation and control his farm by just his finger tip and can make his life easy and more productive with this simple technology by just inserting all the sensors and pump with gsm

future scope

We can implement the GPStechnology so that we can find the nearest hospital from accident sport.

IOT system so that ambulance driver can see the location of accident on IOT app and go immediately

Lora Technology for fasted data protocol so that, everyone get this information fast and take action fast

This project can be best suitable for automobile, computer science, ECE, electronics students

LENGTH 18 inch
WIDTH 18 inch
HEIGHT 5 inch
Main Components vibration sensor, pizo sensor, gsm module, Arduino, car model

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