alcohol detector project using 555

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Alcohol detector project detects alcohol addict person, this project having sensitive alcohol sensor which detect minor Alcohol also detect by alcoholic breathing of victim and mouth air. This project is most useful in heavy and light weight vehicles like bus, car and truck drivers also for railway industrial plant machine operator and so any operator or vehicle driver easily detect when he or she addict alcohol

application of alcohol detector project

alcohol detector project is great revolutionary idea for real life applycation if alcohol detector project apply to cars or buses this will reduce accidents and injuries helds at highways and national roots we can see that now a days alcohol addiction is increasing day by day in world and so on developing countrys like inda so if alcohol detectors are applied by government to each and every vehicles the wastage of goods and products will reduce happend due to drunken driver

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WIDTH 12.7
MATERIAL USED MQ6 alcohol sensor, ic555, electronics buzzer, IC 7805, circuit board, led.